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A boat is more than a purchase; a boat is an investment from which you want many happy returns. One of the essential components of nurturing your investment is procuring the right type of storage to suit your long-term needs. At Vines Storage in Redlands, we offer more than just convenience in terms of proximity to areas like Lake Arrowhead. We have considered what owners of recreational vehicles will need and have developed our converted warehouse and expansive outdoor area to provide them.

One of the first things that boat owners consider in terms of storage is whether indoor or outdoor is better. Various facilities in our region offer one or the other. At Vines Storage, customers can choose either. Both our indoor and outdoor storage facilities are roomy, making it easy to drive in and out. Indoor storage does offer that little bit of extra protection from paint damage or other types of damage because vehicles are kept out of the sun and heat. Even under a durable cover, the buildup of heat can pose issues.

Boats are not a one-time investment. They require ongoing maintenance and essentially a monthly or quarterly cost for one thing or another. When it comes to storage, you want the best option for the lowest price. Vines Storage has a number of leasing options, including month-to-month packages.

To go with roomy storage areas, Vines Storage has also considered what our customers need in terms of amenities. We want to make your storage experience as convenient and pleasant as it can be. With a cleaning area and fresh ice, you are able to get to the water faster and be better prepared for storage.

When you choose indoor or outdoor boat storage with us, you have easy access to your boat thanks to our flexible hours. Our amenities give you the little extras you need to get on your way, and our packages are friendly to your needs. Call Vines Storage for more information about our facility.
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