"What boat storage is near me?" Redlands, CA professionals discuss solutions

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Vines Storage is the best solution in Redlands CA for boat storage
Can't legally park your boat curbside? You're not alone. Many Inland Empire-area communities don't allow neighborhood boat or RV parking. Still other boat-owners who reach out to Vines Storage simply don't have the space.

You've come to the right place for a quality answer to "What Boat Storage is Near Me in Redlands CA?" Our Storage Solutions are unique to our clients' lifestyles and needs. Designed from an expansive warehouse facility, Vines Storage accommodates boats of all sizes and shapes. There is also room to easily get in and out of the facility, and you'll rest easier knowing your boat isn't stored like pallets, on top of other boats. All our boats are at ground-level for convenient access and to keep your watercraft looking and operating like the day you bought it.

Want to get more "life" out of your investment? The National Marine Manufacturers Association recommends:
  • Proper wrapping if you've opted for an outdoor space. Our facility is well-maintained and has several layers of security; however, it's always good practice to have well-ventilated protection that allows moist air to escape. If tarps and ropes aren't properly vented or wrapped, come boating season you may be in for a mildew surprise!
  • If your vessel is exposed to the elements, be sure to properly cover upholstery, and ensure drains don't become plugged-up by debris. The last thing you want is moisture that causes costly or irreparable structural damage.
  • If you opt for our indoor storage, your boat is protected from damaging UV rays and unpredictable weather. You can also get an early jump on boating season at our facility, because our renters have 24/7 access to their vehicles and valuables. You can come and go as you please, and your property is under the watchful eyes of dozens of video cameras and an onsite security professional.
You can check up on your boat and do maintenance as you please, with the added benefit of many onsite amenities not found at other storage sites. Call 909-389-6209 to discuss our flexible leasing options.

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