Considering outdoor boat storage in Colton pays off

If you are a water-lover, there is no better way to enjoy that water than on a boat. With the wide variety of boats available, there are various experiences to be had. Sailboats give you a unique way to traverse the waters, moved along by the wind. Speedboats might fulfill the desire for that adrenaline rush. These are just two examples of the pleasure boats can provide.

Owning a boat comes with the responsibility of proper care. Many people are able to keep their boats in the water most of the year, taking it out of the water only when the seasons change or the water freezes. Even when seasonal weather changes only slightly, and water does not freeze, there may be times when it is necessary to remove a boat from the water. For instance, if you are more of a seasonal boater, taking to the waters in spring, bit leaving it unused for many months during the fall and winter, you may want to store your boat away from the water.

A few boat storage solutions are simple and secure. Some say that the best way to keep a boat out of water is to have a boat shed built on your property. This solution, however, is not realistic for a lot of boat owners. Many live in communities where homes are close together, and there simply is not sufficient room on a given lot to build an extra structure. Another down side to an on-property boat shed is cost. Lastly, boat sheds that are custom built become a fixture on your property, meaning that, if you move, you are faced with devising a new storage solution.

It may be a nice thought to keep your boat where you can readily see it, but there are alternatives that are safe and convenient. Vines Storage offers indoor and outdoor boat storage for boat owners in Colton and surrounding areas. For many years, outdoor boat storage has been one of the most popular solutions. This type of storage is easy, with many facilities providing extra amenities. Vines Storage is a high-security storage facility, and we offer solutions that work for you. Our storage facility is situated in close proximity to Lake Arrowhead, so you can be on and off the water quickly. Our grounds are secured behind walls and gates, and are continuously monitored with multi-point surveillance cameras. Whether you choose indoor or outdoor storage for your boat, your valuable watercraft is in good hands.

Contact Vines Storage for information on our short-term or month-to-month leasing plans.
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