Keeping your boat safe in winter storage in California

During the summer months, boat owners get to live in the moment, enjoying the world from a whole different vantage point than most. When the warm weather diminishes, though, there are new considerations to make. Mainly, a choice needs to be made in how to best store your boat during the months of non-use. In Southern California, the options are varied since most areas do not have to worry about freezing temperatures. The big question, for many, is whether to keep their boat indoors or out, with the focus being the ultimate protection for this valuable recreational toy.

With indoor winter storage in our California facility, the main benefit is that a boat is completely protected against all of the elements, including natural pests. Our high-ceilinged storage units maintain a more even temperature, which also keeps the unit drier, thus protecting fabrics like vinyl and cloth from cracking as well as from mold. In the long run, indoor storage for boats offers the highest degree of protection.

A consideration that needs to be made when determining the storage solution that will work for you is what you are willing to pay as well as the most suitable type of storage for your needs. It is beneficial to take your time when deciding upon such an important thing as storage, as it is the longevity of your boat at stake. Choosing to keep a boat in the water throughout the winter will come with its own specific requirements for cleaning, and costly build-up may occur.

In addition to considering your resources, you also want to think about the most appropriate manner in which your particular boat should be kept. In addition, how often might you want to access your boat while it is in storage? Might you want to perform any sort of maintenance during this time? What weather conditions might inflict damage on your vessel if kept outdoors? Since most of our local jurisdictions do not allow the storage of recreational vehicles in front of residential homes, a storage facility is your best bet.

We work with a diverse clientele and have the knowledge to help you determine your best storage option based on your resources and needs. Contact us for more information or to tour our facility.
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