In California, we love our weather, but certain elements can do a number on your boat if you're not careful

There's just something about being out on the water that makes the heart sing. Whether it's the wind in your hair, the spray in your face, or the roar of the motor, boating makes people happy. Likewise, our boats are happier when we keep them busy.

There are a number of intricate working parts to any type of boat, from the pontoon to the ski boat. Just like our bodies can deteriorate when not regularly used, so can certain parts of a boat, like the transmission or areas of the engine. Even the seats can begin to get dry and crusty if not sat on and cared for through regular cleanings. Of course, boat owners would love to remain active in their craft throughout the entire year, but the fact of the matter is this isn't always possible. The question then becomes, how best to keep a boat so that it enjoys a long life?

Those who live in California are fortunate to enjoy pretty good weather all year round. But there are elements in the water that can do damage to a boat very quickly if not addressed on a regular basis. Namely, you never want any type of build-up on the hull of your boat, a real possibility with a boat stored in the water. Even when putting your boat into storage for an extended period of non-use, it is beneficial to treat the hull for optimal protection against those elements to which the boat was exposed while in the water.

A simple washing will clean the hull somewhat, but to discourage the growth of algae and other unwanted residue requires deeper cleaning. Muriatic acid, which can be purchased at a number of home improvement stores, will get the job done. Muriatic acid should be concentrated approximately six to eight percent. In a sprayer, mix a 50/50 solution with water. Spray the hull of the lifted boat and allow to soak. After the first soaking session, you should see algae come lose and easily rinse off. If algae remain, spray the hull one more time with the acid/water solution, and run a brush over the area.

It is important to brush very gently to protect paint as much as possible. Should paint come off, the area will need to be sanded and repainted.

Protecting your boat with indoor storage at our secure facility can lead to more years of great service. Contact us today for more information on boat storage.
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