Should you choose an indoor boat storage facility in Redlands?

There are so many benefits to boat ownership. In beautiful Southern California, we have access to numerous bodies of water and enjoy nearly year-round sunshine. Even in the areas near Lake Arrowhead, we seldom have to worry about ice, snow, or other harsh winter conditions. Still, boat storage is something that all boat owners have to give thought to at some point. Choosing from the options of water or dry dock storage, indoor or outdoor storage, and home or a storage facility in the Redlands area gives you much to consider. Due to restrictions in many of our local communities, storing your boat away from home may be necessary. Vines Storage offers excellent protection and amenities that increase the value of your investment in a storage facility.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor storage may be the biggest consideration when storing a boat or recreational vehicle. Although we may not be faced with harsh winter weather conditions, our area is increasingly dealing with high temperatures and scorching sunlight throughout the year. Winter temperatures in Southern California are often higher than 80 degrees.

Faced with year-round heat, boat owners may recognize the benefits of indoor boat storage versus outdoor facilities. Vines Storage is the largest indoor drive-in facility in Southern California. Our facility was converted from an enormous warehouse into a property ideal for various climate controlled storage solutions. Placing a boat or other vehicle into indoor storage equates to less exposure to sunlight and heat, which decreases the wear and tear on paint and fabrics.

We understand that keeping your boat in a storage facility rather than in a marina creates the need for transportation to and from the water. The advantages of indoor storage, however, often make up for this. Marina storage may mean that your boat remains in the water. If the boat is dry-docked in a marina, fees may be significantly higher than an off-site storage facility. At Vines Storage, we offer flexible lease options that fit your needs. We also increase the value of rental packages by providing amenities that we know to be important to boat and RV owners, such as filtered water and a cleaning area.

Vines Storage offers storage solutions that work for you. Contact us today for more information on our facility and packages.
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