The benefits of ground-level indoor boat storage services in Redlands CA

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Indoor Boat Storage Services at Vines Storage in Redlands Area
California regularly tops the list of the states with the most recreational boat registrations alongside, naturally, the Great Lakes State. Like Michigan, our state has a wealth of options for boating enthusiasts; the Inland Empire alone is home to Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead. At the same time, many of the communities in the region don’t allow you to park boats or other recreational vehicles outside on your property. Failure to heed these city ordinances can result in hefty fines. Let Vines Storage throw you a lifeline! Indoor boat storage services in Redlands CA provide the ultimate protection for your watercraft. If you’ve been waiting to invest in a boat or an “upgrade” over concerns about storage when you’re not out on the water, now is the time to make your move. We are the answer to all your concerns about safe and secure storage for your craft.

A superior alternative to marina storage

While your boat may be built for the water, it’s not built to be sitting in the water idle, day in and day out. “Wet” storage puts your watercraft at risk of significant damage from flooding, Mother Nature, and aquatic pests like barnacles and algae. Fees can be quite significant, and what you get in return for these costs is minimal; unlike Vines Storage, this option often doesn’t deliver in terms of security and value-added amenities. Likely, you’ll spend more time maintaining your boat than enjoying it, given the additional considerations that are associated with storage outside in the water.

A superior alternative to stacked storage

Other facilities in and around the Inland Empire may advertise “indoor boat storage”; however, they fail to mention that they offer “stacked” storage. While your boat may be “dry” and out of the water, stacked storage has its own unique drawbacks. We know of facilities that stack boats up to four high! As you might imagine, the risks of damage are higher than when your boat is on the ground level. Furthermore, you don’t have control over when you can access your craft. Due to how boats are stored, and the special effort required to lower them, access isn’t on your schedule. Some facilities may limit the number of times you can retrieve your boat. Plus, not all stacked storage facilities can accommodate larger watercraft.
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Vines Storage floats above

The former site of a large warehouse, the Vines Storage facility is roomy enough to accommodate even big cabin cruisers. Your boat is stored at ground level. So, you never have to worry about potential damage from other boats as they’re retrieved. And you can access your boat on your schedule, whenever you need or want it. You get more from Vines Storage; we have a combination of sophisticated video and alarm technology as well as onsite security professionals. Onsite amenities such as fresh ice add to a convenient and hassle-free experience.

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