Who Can Benefit from Boat Storage?

If you are looking for marine storage in Redlands, CA, look no further than Vines Storage! Our large storage facility can help you store your boat for short term and long term. We have a variety of leasing options to make boat storage easy for you!

Nearly anyone can benefit from boat storage. Marine storage is in high demand in the Redlands CA area, and having a facility that offers not only indoor storage but also affordable prices is essential. Here are some of the benefits of boat storage in the Redlands, CA area:

At Vines Storage, we know that you are on a budget and have to carefully consider monthly expenses. We make indoor marine storage affordable for you to ensure that you can take care of your investment. We offer long-term storage and month to month leasing options in order to fit your needs and desires, as well as your budget!

Nothing protects a boat better than indoor storage. Boats can be damaged from being out in the elements, and indoor storage is the best way to maintain the long life of your boat. Wind, rain, hail, and sun can all damage your boat, so indoor storage is key. Additionally, Vines Storage offers video monitoring and surveillance to ensure your boat is protected at all times.

Storing your boat outside on your driveway is not always an option. Not only does a boat take up considerable space outside of your home, but also, in some areas of town, it is illegal to store them outside on your property. Having marine storage in Redlands, CA is key to not only maintaining your boat, but also following the law and opening up space on your own land for other items and vehicles.

Easy Access
Vines Storage offers convenient hours to access your boat, making it one of the best choices in the area.

Marine storage facilities such as Vines Storage offer a variety of amenities. Some are included, such as air, water, ice, and a dump station. For an extra fee, we also offer an exterior boat wash when needed. Top that with 24/7 surveillance and you've got yourself prime real estate for marine storage!

Interested in learning more about the benefits of marine storage in Redlands, CA? Call Vines Storage today and find out all you need to know about our self-storage facility!
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