Choose the right cover when using out door boat storage at Vines Storage, Colton Avenue

After spending what can amount to the price of a starter house on your new boat, priority number one is protecting it from the elements of Southern California weather so it retains its value and usability for many years to come.

Boat covers and tarps may sound simplistic but they really are one the best ways to preserve your boat during both the season and off-season, particularly if your boat is stored at an outdoor warehouse facility year round.

Boat covers differ from boat tarps in several aspects. A boat cover can be custom made to fit your boat’s specific dimensions or purchased off the shelf. A cover blankets your boat with a snugger fit than a tarp. They attach to the boat using coordinated snaps that work better at staying tightly affixed during windy weather or while trailering to and from the marina.

Tarps are a less expensive option than snap-on boat covers, but may not provide as adequate of protection for your vessel since they are secured with bungee-like cords that are prone to coming loose during high gales and in travel.

If you are in the market for a boat cover, Vines Storage in Redlands offers some solid points to look for:

Look for double stitched seams that are weather resistant. Choose flat-felled seams without raw edges so the cover will wear better and there are no rough fibers to rub against the boat hull.

Buy a cover that is UV and water resistant and that is not conducive to mildew or color fading. Ensure the fabric strength will withstand trailering. Read the manufacturer’s warranty. Fabrics made from 300-denier nylon are very element resistant, and polyester duck or acrylic fiber silicone are sound choices for durability and extreme water resistance.

A snap-on cover offers the best method of security, otherwise look for covers with elastic draw cords around the hemline that hugs your boat. Tie downs may also be used to anchor the cover to prevent lifting while trailering or in high winds.

At every point where the cover comes in contact with pointy, sharp edges like a windshield frame, reinforce on the underside with plastic or white felt batting for extra protection.
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