Boating enthusiasts get the most out of their boats with quality outdoor storage services in Redlands, CA

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Boating Enthusiasts Get the Most out of Their Boats with Quality Outdoor Storage Services in Redlands, CA Area
California is regularly listed as among the states with the most boat owners. Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, and other states with plenty of gorgeous waterways and coastlines (and plenty of active types to enjoy the natural wonders that surround them) also rank high for boat ownership. We’re thrilled that you would trust your boating beauty to Vines Storage. We understand that there are many options in the Inland Empire for storage. And your choice for outdoor boats storage services in the Redlands, CA, matters; quality storage protects your investment and keeps your boat more than just afloat. Your boat will look and function as well as the first day that you took it out, with little more than the usual good maintenance. So, the right storage more than pays for itself by protecting your watercraft from damage. And there are many potential threats presented by alternative options for storage. We’ve listed some of those dangers below.

  • The marina – while it may seem convenient at first blush, storing your boat at the marina may not be such a great value. First, it’s no secret that keeping your boat at the marina can be pricey. The cost of even an average wet slip can add up, as the annual fee is calculated per foot. Furthermore, the long-term cost of storing at the marina, out on the water, can be exorbitant. Your boat is prone to damage that can be irreversible or that will require costly repairs to resolve. It’s subject to “weathering” due to the constant harsh UV light, air pollution, and other environmental factors. High water, storms, and an overgrowth of aquatic life can also damage the gel coat, prop, strut, outdrive, or other components. An expensive haul out may be the only way to “save” your boat.
  • The neighborhood – depending on exactly where you live, this may not be a feasible storage option. For starters, some communities in our region have ordinances that prohibit recreational vehicles, including boats, from being parked on the street or driveways. Even if this isn’t the case for you, there may not be enough space for your boat to stretch its “sea legs.” Plus, neighborhood parking leaves your boat overly exposed—and we’re not just talking about potential damage from critters and sunlight. We’re referring to the risk of damage caused by vandals or thieves.
  • Rack storage – Many facilities in our area tend to “stack” watercraft, one right on top of the other. This can be an accessibility and a logistical nightmare. Plus, the risk of damage from these systems is considerable. It’s also important to assess the care that other storage businesses put into their facilities. How do they secure the facility? How does the business control visitor access? Does the space seem dirty? Cleanliness prevents critters and pests from infiltrating and chewing their way through expensive parts of your boat.
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There is no substitute for a high-quality storage facility. Vines Storage never “stacks” boats. We only “stack” security precautions. By that, we have several layers of security, including a 56-camera video surveillance system and access control. We also take great pride in the maintenance and appearance of our facility. All of these factors matter because they support the safety and security of your investment and are an exceptional value. We assure you and your family can enjoy your boat for many years to come. See for yourself why so many boat-owners trust their craft to our staff. Contact us at 909-389-6209 to schedule your visit.

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