Be water-ready when the time comes to take your boat out of our Redlands boat storage facilities

When you are storing your boat for the winter months is the perfect time to take stock of those items that you may need to get water-ready for springtime. Even if you have been boating for several years, your vessel may be in need of some reorganization or updating to maximize space. While your vessel is in our Redlands boat storage facilities, investigate your need for common items such as:

Buoys - Even in these times when most opt to use high-tech GPS tools, buoys still serve a purpose in certain situations. Don't be afraid to go old school and use buoys to keep track of that spot where you want to return. In some conditions, this may be your best way of tracking.

Jumper cables - Just as jumper cables can save the day in your automobile, this tool is invaluable when on the water. Professional fisherman touts the power of jumper cables over using a trolling battery when time is of the essence.

Extra Life Preserver - Safety is of the utmost importance on the water, and a life preserver is necessary for every occupant. Having one or two extras on board at all times allows you the freedom to accommodate extra, unexpected guests. In tournaments, having an extra life preserver to lend to someone who forgot theirs makes you a hero.

Small anchor - helpful in a number of situations, a small anchor can actually help the fisherman bring in the big one he or she has been tracking. A small anchor will allow you to turn off your trolling motor, creating a quieter approach once you have located a fish or group that you want to reel in. Anchoring may also become necessary in the instance that the motor loses power, keeping you from washing into rocks, or into an area where you do not want to go.

Rope - A necessity in any boat, rope in an invaluable tool of which you cannot really have too much, as it will be used to tie to dock, and can be used in instances where a tow is needed.

Multi-tool - Having a singular tool that can accomplish a variety of tasks saves time and space. A multi-tool can be used to repair wires, and tighten loose screws or bolts.

Taking inventory during the off - season will enable you to be on the water quickly the moment the weather warms.
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