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In Redlands area Boat Storage Solutions for You
Boating is a popular hobby for families in the Redlands, CA area and beyond. The California sun and warmth make it an excellent activity for all ages on the weekends to get away from the daily grind. However, families often struggle in finding a way to store their boat when not in use. Storage space at the home may be at a premium and storing a boat in the garage may not be an option for some. This is why the staff of Vines Storage in Redlands, CA recommends considering boat storage solutions for you at their self-storage facility.

What are the most common boat storage options?

Smaller boats for families who have the extra space are often easily kept in the home garage. Unfortunately, not everyone has space, which is when boat storage alternatives need to be considered. At Vines Storage, we offer boat storage solutions, which include indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Indoor storage – indoor storage is the best way to protect your boat from the elements. When boats are stored indoors, they can benefit from climate control, which is best for long-term maintenance. Storage at Vines Storage is easily accessible and offers long hours to make it easier than ever to return or retrieve your boat. Additionally, Vines Storage offers security features, including gated access and video surveillance, ensuring your boat is in good hands!
  • Outdoor storage – outdoor storage is another option if indoor storage is too costly for continued protection. Many laws restrict boat owners from keeping their boat on their property or in the driveway. Vines Storage offers outdoor storage, which is less costly than indoor storage. However, patients will want to make sure to protect their boat from the elements and pests with proper storage recommendations.

How do I store my boat long-term?

How do I store my boat long-term in Redlands area If you’re done boating for the season, you will want to ensure that you take the proper precautions to protect the boat for several months. Boats that are not in use for extended periods may be affected by outdoor elements and pests. Here are a few tips and recommendations for preparing your boat before storage at Vines Storage:
  • Protect the boat against mold, mildew, and moisture by shrink-wrapping the boat if possible.
  • Utilize a fitted tarp or other waterproof cover to protect the boat in uncovered outdoor storage.
  • Remove all valuables, food, and other items from the boat before storage.
  • Open drain plugs to prevent flooding of the boat.
  • Properly fill the tires of the boat trailer before storing.
  • Ensure the boat is completely dried out before placing in storage.
  • Run antifreeze through the water system of the boat.
  • Put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank.
  • Remove the boat battery and utilize a trickle charger at home, checking monthly.
  • Repair any holes where pests may get into the boat.
Also, boat owners should make sure to stop by the facility regularly to check on their boat during offseason to ensure there are no problems with the long-term storage. When you are ready to take the boat out again, your boat will be easily accessible through our self-storage facility and prepared to go with proper care and maintenance.

Families with limited garage storage or the inability to store their boat on their property will want to consider the advantages of using a self-storage facility to do so. Whether you are seeking indoor storage or outdoor storage, our team can speak with you about your options. Our staff can make appropriate recommendations regarding your boat--and your budget. We offer convenient month-to-month leasing options, as well as yearly plans to ensure a place to store your boat all year long! At Vines Storage, we protect your property by offering a variety of storage options and a secure, monitored facility.

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If you reside in or around the area of Redlands, CA and are interested in boat storage solutions at a self-storage facility, we encourage you to call Vines Storage. Families can schedule a tour of our facility and spend time consulting with our team about their needs and options. Vines Storage is located at 1897 East Colton Avenue and can be reached by calling (909) 794-9897 .

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