Preparing your personal watercraft for our Redlands ground storage facility

Boats are not the only watercraft that people love to toodle around on. We live in a great area for water skiing, jet skiing, paddle surfing, and wakeboarding among other exciting activities. Although it may not drop to freezing temperatures in the Redlands area, there are a number of benefits to keeping your watercraft in our ground storage facility, rather than at home or in the water. Jet skis, for instance, along with their trailer, can take up a lot of space in the garage. In many area neighborhoods, these vehicles cannot be kept at the curb. To save space for your car, and keep your personal watercraft protected from the elements and environmental hazards, come check out our secure storage facility.

Before putting your watercraft away for the winter months, a few things besides of the engine will require a bit of attention, such as:

Fuel: It takes a high quality fuel stabilizer to maintain a healthy carburetor. Before storing your watercraft, use stabilizer and allow it to run through the engine for a short time so the carb soaks the substance in. Many manufacturers also advise filling the run tank before storing, preventing condensation from developing.

Battery: The battery needs to maintain a charge of at least 11 volts, and have its water at the correct level. Water can be checked when the battery gets charged, something that can be done with a small motorcycle charger. Charge the battery in a well-ventilated area to avoid excessive exposure to toxic fumes.

Hull: Just like a boat hull, the underside of your watercraft can develop cracks, holes, or scratches that can lead to excessive damage if not fixed. Checking over this area for such dings and dents allows for correction with plenty of time to heal before heading back out onto the water. If the hull requires no bodywork, it can be washed with soap and water and treated to a coat of wax. This wax will protect not only the surface of the hull, but also the snazzy decals that will shrink in cold weather. For added protection of surfaces, your watercraft can be stored in one of our climate-controlled units.

Seat & Pads: Vinyl/plastic seats and pads do not like the cold weather, and can crack and shrink when the temperature dips. This is another reason to consider climate-controlled storage units for your watercraft. The seats and pads should be cleaned with a good all-purpose cleaner and treated with a protective coating of Armor All to keep dust and dirt from settling into the fabric. Before taking your first spring or summer ride, remember to wipe the seat clean of its protective coating or you might slide right off.

Don't forget to perform necessary checks and maintenance on your trailer or you'll have no way to get your watercraft to the water. Before storing, check the wheels thoroughly for cracks or cuts, and check valve stems. Tires should remain inflated to 20 pounds of pressure, and treated with tire preservative. If your watercraft and trailer will be in storage for more than a month, it is best to keep the tires off of the ground. Placing blocks under the axle is a great solution.

Following these general guidelines will help your personal watercraft stay in great condition while stored at Vines Storage. Contact us to view our facility today.
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