Minding the small things before seasonal boat storage in Highland

Boat owners can attest to the complexity of the care required for the proper maintenance of a watercraft. Each type of boat, whether for fishing, sailing, or scooting across the water, has its own list of to-do tasks that keep water lovers busy all year round. With the immense enjoyment that comes from being on the water, any chores related to boat care are easily carried out.

With the engine one of the most talked-about aspects of preparing for seasonal boat storage in the Highland area, a comprehensive list of other important tasks can help you provide well-rounded care that includes easily forgotten areas such as the following:

Stuffing box
This important component of your boat keeps water out while allowing proper propeller function. This boat part can spring a leak over time. Because of its location under the hull, the stuffing box can be more easily accessed when the boat is out of the water, on its way to or from storage. A weeping stuffing box can be repacked, with care given to the tightness of the seal. Too tight and excess friction will result. The type of grease used is also important to longevity, with graphite grease proving hazardous to boat parts.

Interior trim
Loose cushion covers, curtains, and other removable fabrics benefit from a good washing periodically. Although they cannot be washed, mattresses and cushions also benefit from seasonal storage in a dry, warm location. Stored in this manner, rather than where dampness can occur, will keep these comforts looking, feeling, and smelling good for several years.

Window leaks
Leaks in windows are usually detected during seasonal use, when they do not require immediate attention. However, during the off-season, leaks may be forgotten amidst the myriad of engine-related chores. Windows can, and should, be resealed or completely replaced as seals weaken - a task that can be done professionally or DIY.

Small electrical equipment
Electrical equipment is a necessity on most boats, with items like space heaters, handheld VHF sets, or GPS needing a clean, dry place for safekeeping. It is ideal to remove such items from a boat after each use, but at the very least, during seasonal storage, removing batteries beforehand.

With the various tasks that can be performed while your boat is in seasonal storage, you will remain close to your vessel even when not on the water. Proper care and maintenance are keys to many years of recreational enjoyment.

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