The seasonal boat storage solutions search goes off well in Redlands CA

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Seasonal Boat Storage Solutions at Vines Storage in Redlands Area
In our area, water sports are never “out of season”; however, at Vines Storage we know that there are times when you can’t enjoy your watercraft as much as you’d like to, due to work and other commitments. By selecting seasonal boat storage solutions in Redlands CA at our expansive, well-maintained facility, you are helping to extend the life of your watercraft.


For starters, storage on dryland versus “wet” storage at the marina offers many advantages. It’s safe and protective. Vines Storage takes dry storage one step further and provides indoor spaces for your boating beauty. Indoor storage for boats offers the ultimate in protection from the sun’s powerful (and damaging) ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, these spaces protect from the equally damaging heat that often characterizes the Inland Empire climate. Even the highest quality tarp or cover can’t prevent heat-related damage.

Traditionally, though, indoor boat storage has been limited to “boatels,” boats that are stacked one right on top of the other. Vines Storage appreciates that you may be wary of stacking your boat on top of (or underneath) watercraft that belongs to somebody else. Of course, there is the threat that your boat might be accidentally damaged by another boat, or that your boat might cause damage to another person’s property. Also, “dry stacking” can be quite cumbersome; at Vines Storage, accessing your boat is as easy as driving in with your vehicle and driving out with your boat.
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In addition to a unique space for your boat, Vines Storage offers many amenities that you can’t find at other facilities in the Redlands and Highland CA region, including:
  • Convenient services – We offer onsite washing, detailing, ice, and other value-adds that make it easy to get the most out of your craft.
  • Flexible leasing – We are your authentic seasonal storage solution! Boat enthusiasts can choose from short-term as well as month-to-month leasing.
  • Ship-shape environment and security – Whether your boat is five months old or five years old, it looks and runs as good as the day you got it when you partner with Vines Storage. Our facility is well-maintained, clean, and free of pests and moisture that shorten the lifespan of costly fabrics and parts. Furthermore, our many security precautions, from advanced alarm and video surveillance technology to onsite personnel, protect your investment from thieves, or damage caused by vandals.
Don’t opt for “boatels” when your boat can enjoy five-star treatment. Call 909-389-6209 to discuss your needs with one of our storage consultants, and to reserve a space. .

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