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Secure Outdoor Boat Storage at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
As a proud boat owner, you may also be an avid angler. At Vines Storage, we take pride in treating your watercraft with the tender loving care that it deserves. We do not treat it like fish (sardines). That is, we never stack boats on top of each other (“like sardines”), which is the system that other storage facilities in the Inland Empire use to keep boaters’ craft when they cannot be out on the water. We offer secure boat storage in Redlands, CA. These other facilities use forklifts to raise the boats on racks alongside other boats. Depending on the number of racks that are used, your boat may be sandwiched between numerous other owners’ boats – with craft above and below your boat. While these systems are designed to keep boats “high and dry,” we believe they are a less than ideal situation.

For starters, there is the potential for the boat to become damaged from its neighbors, and during the process of lifting it up and down. Also, at other facilities that use this approach, you are limited in your ability to access your watercraft on schedule. You are at the mercy of personnel on-site who are trained to use the system to retrieve and lower your vessel to the floor. At Vines Storage, all of our boats and other recreational vehicles are on one ground-floor level that is easy for you to access. You can come and go as you please, even on a whim should you get the urge to retreat to the sea.

We also appreciate that it is one thing not to use a stacked system, and it is quite another to have space on the floor for your vehicles and valuables. We have this feature covered, too, and it all goes back to the design of the facility. Vines Storage was originally a warehouse. That means we have plenty of headroom and legroom for even some of the biggest campers and larger cabin cruisers alike. You have plenty of space to get in and out of our facility, without worrying about other leaseholders running into your vehicle (or your damaging their property). Several other features provide peace of mind for even the most cautious and conscientious boaters:

  • Layers of security technology, from video surveillance and alarm systems to access control
  • Physical security, such as on-site personnel and cinder block fortification around our site
  • Amenities make maintenance convenient and easy, just access your ice and filtered water on site
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We stay on top of the cleanliness of our facility, too, which helps to prevent damage from critters and pests. Additionally, our flexible leasing options are suited to your lifestyle and budget. Choose from month-to-month or longer-term arrangements. Call 909-389-6209 to reserve your space today. .

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