How Redlands facility ensures your boat is secure in the indoor and outdoor storage area

Imagine if you could protect your boat from the elements when it is not in use. Thanks to Vines Storage in Redlands, you do not have to daydream about the ideal storage conditions for your boat. We provide indoor storage with top-notch security cameras that look after your boat, RV, or vehicle 24/7. In addition, we have staff that is on site every day of the week from morning until evening monitoring our gated facility. We also provide outdoor storage. Regardless of where you choose to have your boat stored at our facility, you can swing by to pick up your boat any time. In addition to providing a safe and secure facility, our customers enjoy the following benefits:
  • Convenience – We offer an on-site icemaker, purified water, and sewage waste dump facilities.
  • Weather Protection – You do not have to worry about sun, wind, or rain damage. You boat will remain in excellent condition regardless of the season.
  • Affordable storage options – Marina costs can be high for boat storage. If you prefer outdoor storage, your boat remains under watchful care.
In the cities around the Redlands area, boats cannot be parked on the streets or in your driveway. Therefore, you may want to consider Vines Storage. We know that boats are investments and understand you want to ensure the utmost protection for your property.

We understand RVs and boats are the perfect pair for a family vacation. If you own both and face space constraints in your neighborhood, we can provide a home away from home for your RV as well. Like our boat storage, we can store your RV indoors or outdoors. Indoor storage is the recommended option to ensure the utmost protection.

Conveniently, when it is time for the next vacation whether it is camping or a beach trip, both your RV and boat will be ready and waiting for you. Let the team at Vines Storage take care of your prized possessions so you can focus on the details of your next family getaway. Call 909-389-6209 today.
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