You have a variety of options for boat storage in Highland. Tips on choosing the right one

Recreational watercraft and boats are used most frequently in the summer months. In beautiful Southern California, we enjoy extended usage compared to other parts of the country. There often comes a time, however, when boat storage becomes a necessity.

Our boats and other watercraft may be treasured investments, but they are not the same as the vehicles we use on a daily basis. Your boat may not fare well parked in your driveway for months, but you also may not want to keep it in the water. Finding appropriate storage for your boat may seem overwhelming but there is a variety of options for boat storage in the Highland area. At Vines Storage in Redlands, you will find both indoor and outdoor storage areas in addition to several appealing amenities.

Storing your boat away from the water can provide extensive protection. Stored in the water, boats are susceptible to the effects of water from beneath and condensation from above. Water can damage machinery, paint, and even upholstery, leaving you faced with mildew and mold at best; having to replace damaged parts at worst. The cost of dry dock storage is far less than the expense of repairing a damaged boat.

Dry dock storage may be achieved in indoor or outdoor locations. Each has certain benefits, ranging from price to accessibility to protection. Outdoor storage may be effective as long as a properly fitted tarp remains in place throughout the off-season. Even covered, a craft may be susceptible to mildew or paint damage due to high temperatures.

Indoor boat storage provides the highest level of protection from the elements. Although boats stored indoors should still be covered with a tarp, the intent now becomes to keep the boat clean of debris and dust, not protected from heat, wind, rain, and pests.

Vines Storage in Redlands offers flexible storage options that work for your needs. Our facility has tall ceilings and ample room under the roof for easy drive-in, drive-out capabilities. Ensure your boat is well cared-for when not in use. Contact Vines Storage to learn more about our storage options.
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