What Redlands automobile owners need to know about storage facilities

Whether you're looking for a climate controlled, secure location to store your classic car or simply need a place to park a spare vehicle while you're on a long vacation, you have plenty of options in the Redlands area. At Vines Storage, we help car enthusiasts and owners find the right solution for their automobile storage needs. If you're in the market for car or truck storage, consider these tips from the professionals at Vines Storage:
  • Is the facility secure? Whether your automobile is a priceless investment or a fixer upper, ensure that it remains safe by choosing a facility that places great emphasis on security. The facility should be locked with key entry only, gated, and monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, which serves as a deterrent from theft and vandalism.
  • Will your car be protected? In addition to protecting your car from bad behavior, you'll feel better knowing that it's also protected from the elements in an indoor facility. While outdoor locations can be effective in some situations, keeping the car indoors and protected from weather elements such as sun damage, rain or hail, wind, and debris is important. Further indoors the car will be protected from rodents and small animals that can enter the car and cause damage.
  • Is the location convenient? Depending on how often you think you'll need to access the car, location could be the biggest factor. If you're working on fixing up an old car or fine tuning a classic vehicle, you'll want to choose a location that's close to your home or office.
  • Does the facility offer the right leasing terms? You may need the storage facility for several months, years, or indefinitely. Or you may only need it for a few weeks. Finding a facility that will customize your lease agreement to your specific needs will save you money and give you peace of mind.
At Vines Storage, our customers find our facility safe, secure, and protected from various damage risks. Our convenient location, flexible options, and professional team that helps you with everything you need to know about storing your personal items, car, boat, or recreational vehicle have combined to make our facility one of the best storage locations in the Redlands area. For more information call or visit us today.
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