Why You Should Consider Storing Your Car at a Self-Storage Facility

While many of us have our own everyday vehicle for getting to work, the gym, and school, some of us have invested in classic cars or specialty vehicles that require special care and attention. Some of these vehicles may only be used at certain times of the year, such as convertibles or vans. When these vehicles are not in use, we may be presented with opportunities for self-storage of our cars. Indoor and outdoor car storage is widely available at Vines Storage in Redlands, California.

Storing your classic car in your own home garage or on your driveway is not considered the best of locations. First off, classic cars need to be protected from the elements. By using Vines Storage's indoor storage facility in a climate-controlled environment, you can ensure that your car does not experience damage or wear from wind, rain, hail, or sun. The sun can fade the paint and hail can damage the structure, lowering the value of your investment.

Using car storage such as that at Vines Storage facility will also help secure your vehicle and keep it safe. Unlike parking your car in a driveway at your home that leaves it victim to falling trees and other forms of property damage, indoor car storage at Vines Storage will keep it secure and free from theft and criminals. Our storage facility offers continual video surveillance and on-staff monitoring to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicle.

By storing your car at a self-storage facility in Redlands, California, you can make more room for other things at your home. By freeing up garage space, you will then have more room for your children's outdoor play toys and some storage for off-season decorations. You may even have more room to set up a workshop or woodworking area that you've never had space for before. The possibilities are endless with the new space you will open up by storing your car off-site.

At Vines Storage in California, we understand the importance of protecting your investments. Call us today to learn more about your available options for car storage.
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