Indoor and outdoor car storage solutions in Redlands CA are accessible, secure

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Car Storage Solutions at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
The public health crisis has accelerated interest in bikes as transportation, not just recreation. In fact, online searches for bikes have surged by 63% since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, and some retailers have had a hard time keeping bikes in stock. You may be among those employees working from home for the foreseeable future, as office setups are changing, or you may simply desire to pedal rather than drive more due to persistent public health concerns and to relieve stress. Now, that extra vehicle or lesser-used auto is taking up space. Vines Storage provides an answer. Car storage solutions in Redlands, CA keep your wheels safe, regardless that it is a passenger vehicle that you no longer use as much, or if it is a treasured classic car that represents a labor of love.

You have got options with Vines Storage

Other facilities in the Inland Empire may give you one way to store your vehicle: outdoor spaces. Additionally, if they have indoor options, the vehicle may be inaccessible. Some recreational and other types of vehicles are placed on stacked systems. That means if you need your vehicle right away, you cannot simply grab it and go. There is a process involved with lowering your car and retrieving it from this system. Moreover, Vines Storage is not a fan of these systems, as we believe they increase the risk of damage when vehicles are constantly being loaded and unloaded.

At our expansive facility, which was formerly a large warehouse site, you can choose from either an open stall or an enclosed space at the self-storage end of our facility. These spaces are all on the ground level. So, you can easily access your car as you need it, and to minimize the risk of accidents that result in damage and the need for costly repairs.
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Both our indoor and outdoor spaces are well-maintained, free of pests and other critters, and potential damage from moisture and other “elements.” We have multiple layers of security to protect your vehicle from vandalism and theft. Additionally, we’ve made the experience of storing your car even easier and convenient because of our onsite amenities; for instance, Vines Storage offers detailing and washing for a nominal fee, and other complimentary supplies make it easy to keep your wheels looking and running like new.

Our storage professionals are there for you, for all of life’s twists and turns. Call, 909-389-6209, to discuss the best space and leasing arrangement for your needs.
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