Why settle for anything less than the best storage facility for your classic car in Redlands, CA?

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Classic Car Storage Facility at Vines Storage in Redlands Ca Area
When you think of “secure storage” for your beauty on wheels, you may immediately consider the “human” element – that is, protecting your vehicle from being stolen or vandalized. After all, you have poured your hard-earned money and sweat into that car. You know how good it looks, and how valuable it is; however, you need to protect your vehicle from additional threats that have nothing to do with vandals or thieves. And Vines Storage has you covered for all of these potential risks to your labor of love’s value and viability. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. As a classic car storage facility in Redlands CA, the Vines team has made substantial investments in the design, maintenance, amenities, and technologies that add up to security and peace of mind for the auto enthusiasts that trust their “babies” to us.

Forward-thinking for retro cars

Forward-thinking for Retro Cars at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area In security circles, the term “layered defense” refers to a combination of numerous controls to protect assets. For Vines Storage, those “assets” are your beloved classic, as well as any other valuables you may store with us. Those “numerous controls” include the latest in sophisticated 56-camera video surveillance and alarm technology (no blurry, convenience store cameras here), as well as access controls in the form of a personalized security code. You must enter the code every time you visit Vines Storage. We protect from the human element with the human element; that is, onsite security personnel represent more sets of eyes in addition to the “eyes” that are watching at all hours, courtesy of our cameras.

To protect against the environmental threats that can lead to costly damage, we converted Vines Storage from a large warehouse facility. That means we have more space for your valuables than any other storage facility in the Inland Empire. We do not “stack” cars or recreational vehicles such as boats on top of the other. Likewise, there is plenty of room for you to get in and out of our facility, without potentially damaging other vehicles or units. We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility, which helps to keep pests and other critters that can access upholstery and other vital components at bay. We also encourage classic car owners to consider our indoor storage options, for the ultimate in protection from ultraviolet damage and heat, which is a real concern in our neck of the woods.
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Maintenance made easy

This is not your budget, “Point A” to “Point B” car. It deserves only the best in regular maintenance. With our convenient hours and accessible, expansive spaces, you can easily access your classic for tune-ups. We also offer several amenities onsite, from detailing and washing to supplies such as compressed air.

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