Get the most out of your home and classic car with a reputable indoor storage facility in Redlands CA

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Classic Car Storage Facility at Vines Storage in Redlands Area
A well-organized home allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your property and all the belongings inside. Garages represent one of the biggest sources of disorganization in the home. They tend to collect lesser-used and seasonal items. Accordingly, classic car enthusiasts often have no space to park their pride and joy. Or, due to limited space, the everyday car gets booted to the driveway or street – exposed to the weather, as well as the criminal element (thieves and vandals). Your everyday and classic cars deserve to look and drive their best.

Everybody’s favorite decluttering tool: A quality classic car storage facility in Redlands, CA

A Quality Classic Car Storage Facility at Vines Storage in Redlands, CA The Hagerty Group and other organizations that specialize in classic vehicle insurance, financing, and resources frequently list improper storage as one of the top ways to shorten your beauty on wheel’s lifespan – right up there with lack of use. Storing your investment of time and money in a well-maintained, sufficiently protected, and sufficiently sized storage unit or stall prevents damage from mice and other critters, which is one of the biggest threats to your vehicle’s upholstery and insulation.

Once rodents breach your vehicle’s interior, they chew through fabrics and use upholstery and other parts of your car to make nests. Sometimes, classic car owners don’t realize they have a problem with mice until after their ’65 Mustang catches fire or begins smoking behind the dashboard – the result of critters chewing on wiring harnesses!

Vines Storage offers:
  • Clean and expansive indoor spaces. In fact, no facility in the Inland Empire is bigger (the property used to be a warehouse, which was converted specifically for storage use).
  • Several layers of security to protect your baby, including access control, onsite security personnel, surveillance cameras, an alarm system, and a tall cinder block wall to deter criminals.
  • Easy access in and out of your space. You won’t be bumping into other cars. Reputable indoor storage also avoids concerns that items in your garage will fall on your classic, resulting in costly damage.
  • Flexible leasing packages.
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You can’t afford not to store your classic, and she deserves the best possible facility. Call Vines Storage at 909-389-6209 to reserve her space.

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