Reasons to choose Climate Controlled Car Storage in Highland

Whether you need short or long-term car storage for a classic restored car, exotic sportster, or to park the spare because you are short on open bays at your home garage, Vines Storage in Highland can accommodate your needs with climate controlled car storage.

Benefits of indoor climate controlled car storage at Vines Storage include:

Temperature control: The indoor facilities are maintained comfortably between 50ºF and 80ºF. There are no deep temperature swings that can promote moisture condensation and rust, or warp your dashboard and seals. Because your car is safely stored inside there are no piercing sun rays fading the color and sapping the suppleness from your car’s interior and exterior.

Weather control: In southern California, seasonal heavy rains can leave a grimy film on your vehicle exterior, and wind can stir up dust and grime particles that can dull your car’s finish. Since the car is parked inside, Vines Storage affords protection from these damaging elements.

Humidity control: The interior storage bays at Vines Storage are kept below 55% humidity to inhibit growth of mildew and mold.

Security: Vines Storage offers customers multiple levels of protection for their high value vehicles. An eight foot cinder block wall rings the building grounds and all access inside and out of the lot is through a gate with key code entry. For a third layer of backup, a 56-camera surveillance system monitors the interior and exterior of the facility 24 hours a day.

Rodent protection: Parked vehicles are a prime nesting habitat for mice, moles, and insects that can burrow under the hood, in the tail pipes, and even worm their way into car interior and wreak havoc. Indoor storage at Vines ensures that these pests are kept outside the building and not inside of your car.

Professional staff: Locally owned and operated, Vines Storage staff is on site daily from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. We offer a friendly attitude and every call to Vines during business hours gets a personal answer, not an automated machine. At Vines Storage, we take care of you, not just your car.

Put your mind at ease with the most secure long term storage option for your car. Contact the car storage experts at Vines Storage, (909) 389-6209.
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