Protect your classic car with long-term storage in Highland

Chances are that if you're the owner of a classic car, you likely know a thing or two about how to best preserve the look and the health of your investment. You know that cars, and trucks, that sit for too long can wind up with a host of problems, especially if they're not protected or stored correctly. Further, it's likely that you didn't buy this beauty of a car imagining that one day it would sit dormant. However, many things can happen that keep you from driving the car as much as you originally anticipated. You may be headed for a year-long, world-wide vacation. Or perhaps, work and young children are filling up your time more than anticipated.

Regardless of the reason, if you're looking for long-term storage for your classic car, there are several things you should consider before closing the garage door and walking away. A little bit of proper preventative maintenance can help protect your wallet, and your heart, in the future.
  • Store the car in a cool and dry location. Most car enthusiasts believe in the value of an indoor location that will protect your car from extreme hot or cold temperatures. An indoor facility also offers the added protection from rain, wind, and rodents or critters that can damage your car. However, if you do need to park the car outside, invest in a thick car cover that properly fits your car.
  • Freshen and fill all of the car fluids. Lift the hood and ensure that all of the fluids in your car are full. A full tank of gas with some fuel stabilizer can prevent the gasoline from breaking down and damaging the engine or causing moisture and rust. Change the oil and oil filter and remove the spark plugs. Also, remove the battery and clean the connections. You may also want to consider lifting the car off the ground and adding pressure to each tire in order to prevent flat spots.
  • Wash and wax. A car that's cleaned before it's put away will be in better shape when it's brought out of storage. Also, be sure to wax the car in order to protect the paint.
  • Cover noticeable entry points for small critters. Mice and other rodents love cars! While it's nearly impossible to cover up every possible crack a mouse could squeeze through, take the time to cover the exhaust and other noticeable entry points. Also, if the car won't be moved for several months, place moth balls or other deterrents around the outside of the car.
If you need to store your classic car for a long period of time, consider Vines Storage. Not only do we offer the best in terms of safety, security, and protection, we also offer flexible leasing terms. To learn more, call today.
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