Highland car owners: How to prepare the interior of your car for long term storage leasing

Preparing to pull your car into long term storage for the season? Most owners take time to meticulously ensure that the outside is cleaned and the engine, fluid system, transmission, and brakes are serviced and in properly working condition.

That same level of attention should also be devoted to the car interior to help prolong appearance and functionality. Even if your car is being stored inside the climate controlled bays at Vines Storage, the interior should not be overlooked.

Here is a primer on proper interior car detailing:
  1. Start with the interior hard surfaces. Use a car cleaner specially formulated for your car’s interior or, for a safe fall back use a mild detergent, such as Simple Green, and water diluted to a 10:1 ratio.
  2. For the upholstery, choose cleaners specific to vinyl, leather, or cloth. Avoid products that give a super slippery sheen and never use a vinyl cleaner on leather. Take note of any tears in seams and have them repaired prior to placing into storage. Many auto accessory stores have repair kits that can color and fabric match your car make and model. Use leather conditioner for leather seats to clean and protect them. For weathered leather, select a dye or high grade shoe polish that can help restore the leather’s richness.
  3. Remove and scrub the floor mats, again avoiding products that add a shiny slippery coating that could cause potentially dangerous conditions for the driver.
  4. Vacuum the upholstery and carpet. If there are carpet stains, use auto carpet foam and blot dry with a damp cloth or sponge. Do not oversaturate the carpeting, which could promote mildew, especially if the vehicle is placed in closed storage before the carpet is adequately dry.
  5. Use a brush or cotton tip to clean the crevices and buttons of the vehicle dashboard. Canned air used to clean computer keyboards is also very effective to blast away dust. If your car has a plastic covering on the instrument dashboard, do not use products that could scratch or place a haze on the plastic. If possible, stick to a very soft cloth.
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