Protection from UV rays just one benefit to covered car storage in Highland

Whether it is for a recreational vehicle, an antique, or your favorite classic car, the right storage solution will ensure that the condition of your vehicle is well protected. Vehicles that are placed into storage are generally not those that are used with great frequency, so keeping them in the driveway or even the home garage is certainly not ideal. Finding the right storage facility can be easier when the factors that matter the most are given proper focus.

Covered storage for protection from UV rays

Covered car storage solutions such as those offered at Vines Storage near Highland have both short and long-term benefits. Vehicles are affected by everything from ice and rain to wind, dust, insects, and UV rays. UV rays, in particular, can cause fading and even chipping in paint and interior fabrics and surfaces. Kept outside, even under a cover, a vehicle may become home to insects and even rodents seeking shelter from the elements. Covered storage seals vehicles away from pests and the elements while allowing you convenient access when you want it.

Convenience matters

In terms of convenience, storing a vehicle at home may seem like the ideal solution. Home storage, however, either takes up space in a garage or means the vehicle is not completely protected. Outdoor storage at home leaves a vehicle vulnerable to theft and pests. Indoor home storage may force your everyday vehicle out of its protected garage, thus putting that vehicle at higher risk for damage.

The convenient solution to safety and longevity is to store an unused vehicle in a secured storage facility located in close proximity to your home. Vines Storage in Redlands offers a variety of storage packages to meet your needs. Call or stop by our facility to view are various storage areas and learn about our packages.
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