Why choose Redlands storage for cars and other valuable items?

One of the reasons why people choose to store items like cars, antiques, or seasonal items is to create more room in the home. Keeping less-used items in the garage or attic accomplishes this goal, but may not preserve belongings in optimal condition, due to the fact that environmental conditions in such places may not be suitable for certain types of objects. Temperature and humidity can adversely affect computer equipment and other electronics, paper documents, photographs, vinyl records, artwork, and even clothing. Living in Redlands, finding storage for cars and other valuable items in which extreme heat or moisture is not an issue ensures their longevity.

Within the large buildings that house our individual storage units, there is a significantly lowered risk that temperature will extend higher than what is appropriate for items being stored. In keeping your belongings in a unit specifically designed for storage, rather than in the rafters of an attic or garage, there is a decreased chance that wood, leather, or fabric may:
  • Crack, warp, or split.
  • Develop discoloration, rust, or other forms of corrosion.
  • Grow mildew or mold.
While we may not experience extreme cold temperatures falling below zero in Southern California, there are often days that reach highs in the nineties and beyond, posing a threat to valuables stored in sheds, carports, or other locations more susceptible to environmental factors.

Cars are often kept in storage so that bugs, small pests, or prying hands cannot get to them. One of our secured storage units would also be ideal for items such as:
  • Audio or visual equipment
  • Computers, software, DVDs and CDs
  • Tools
  • Antiques
  • Vinyl records
  • Important documents, both personal and business
  • Photographs
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Craft supplies
  • Paintings and fine art
  • Musical instruments
  • Business products and supplies, including medical, pharmaceutical, and construction
  • Cameras
  • Furniture of wood or leather
  • Season supplies or items
When placing items that you will access throughout the year into a storage unit, an added benefit of an indoor facility is you will feel more comfortable during those times in which you are working in your unit, moving or reorganizing stored items.

We offer storage units in various sizes, all within a safely monitored facility. Contact us for more information on our services.
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