Redlands Storage facility for your extra classic cars opens up space to spark more joy in your home

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Trendy methods to “tidy up” come and go, but Vines Storage professionals know that organization never goes out of style and is always in season. And while your beloved classic car or old reliable may still “spark joy”—as decluttering guru Marie Kondo puts it—the average American household still owns 1.8 vehicles. So, it’s not always feasible to store that sentimental or extra set of wheels at home. Many communities throughout the Inland Empire have ordinances that restrict where vehicles can be parked. Even if you have the space, it’s not always desirable to keep all your cars out in the open or to have the fun or second car take up valuable garage space. In these cases, you’ll need a reliable storage facility for your cars in Redlands CA.

In Vines Storage’s “former life,” it was a large warehouse facility. There is sure to be space for that fun two-door and the land yacht alike. Converted specifically for the purpose of storing vehicles and belongings, units and parking spaces range from 5 X 5 to 20 X 20. You have options to store multiple cars safely. Since the facility is so spacious, you can easily get in and out of the parking space or unit. This is particularly important when you want to grab the Miata for a fun weekend spin, or when you absolutely need that extra car.
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Classic car lovers appreciate that there is plenty of space for tinkering. Vines Storage also offers plenty of amenities that you can’t find at other storage facilities in the Inland Empire, which add substantial value; for instance, services such as detailing and washing are available for a reasonable fee onsite, and amenities like air and a wash bay are great for Do-It-Yourselfers.

Our professionals are also known for their personal attention. They’re happy to answer any questions that you may have, matching you to the best space for your needs. Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, you may gravitate more toward an indoor unit versus an indoor space. We have options at Vines Storage! Indoor spaces provide utmost protection from the elements, critters and vandals; however, Vines Storage sets itself apart from other providers with the care it puts into maintaining its facility. A well-maintained facility minimizes the risks of vehicle damage from insects and other creatures who like to burrow their way through expensive parts and fabrics.

Spaces of all types are also secure. Why have one layer of security when you can have several for the ultimate in protection for your vehicles and valuables? The eyes of our on-site security professionals and 56 cameras are always watching. Access control technology means only those individuals who are supposed to be at the facility—who rent a space or unit from us—can gain entry. An 8-foot cinderblock wall acts as a highly visible deterrent to vandals and thieves.

Lots of cars parking at storage When you’re ready to grab that car for a trip down the road or out of state, whatever the case may be, it will be waiting for you, looking as great as the day you left it. Vines Storage suggests a few organization/safety hacks before you take to the open road:
  • Give tires, lights, belts, hoses, fluids and wipers a once-over.
  • Test your battery’s life and confirm that other components don’t need repairs.
  • Add emergency numbers to contacts in your smartphone; for instance, roadside assistance providers.
  • Cell coverage can be spotty, so it’s always a good idea to keep a written or typed list of contacts in your glove compartment.
  • Keep your emergency kit well-stocked. Be prepared for unpredictable and changing weather. Good picks include ponchos, Mylar blankets, boots, gloves, warm hats, sand or kitty litter, flares, and extra high-energy, nonperishable foods and water.
  • Get acquainted with your car’s manual and learn how to use emergency equipment such as safety flares and warning triangles.
And if you’re garage is feeling a little lonely without bumper-to-bumper cars, may we suggest a conversion? Spark more joy in your home with a “mixed-use” tool shed/bar/game room. How about a “BMX race track” for your little daredevil or a themed hangout or rec room? Albeit more practical, use that extra space for more space to wash and organize clothes, towels, and bedding. The possibilities are endless, but they all start with a call to your partners in organization/storage at Vines Storage— 909-389-6209. Affordable short-term, long-term, and month-to-month leasing is available.

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