Vines Storage units in Redlands provide secondary garage space

Classic cars are different from the vehicles we drive every day. Although we do what we can to keep our vehicles in good condition, classic cars must be pristine. Thousands of dollars may go into a classic car to retain authenticity, so parking this type of vehicle in a driveway is out of the question. A great deal of thought also must go into keeping your classic car in your home garage.

Most people prefer to park the cars they use daily in the garage for easy access. Our garages are also often used as storage areas for items not regularly used, such as sporting gear and seasonal decorations. Parking a classic car in a home garage may limit the risk of exposure to elements and theft, but it does not fully protect the vehicle from water damage or damage from a fallen box, bike, or other household item.

Vines Storage, with several types of units, offers residents of Redlands and surrounding areas the ability to protect classic cars in large, secured areas. Our customers can choose from a variety of solutions, including indoor or outdoor spaces. For classic cars, indoor storage is highly recommended, offering the greatest level of protection. We offer storage in a large indoor lot. Customers may also choose to keep their classic car in one of our private garages to which they hold lock and key. With either option, valuables are also protected by 24/7 surveillance.

Our facility offers storage solutions for classic car owners, business owners, and families just needing a bit of extra space at home. Indoor and outdoor units are available as a part of flexible leasing packages, and on site amenities top off a long list of values gained by our customers.

A storage unit may not be the first thing you consider when you think of your classic car or even your need for extra space. This option, however, offers safe way to store items not regularly used throughout the year.

To learn more about our facility, our units, or our leasing packages, contact us at (909) 389-6209.
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