What you need for storing a classic car in Redlands

If you have a classic car, you know that keeping it in great condition is a labor of love. These cars are often a combination of true and sentimental value. While some classic cars are worth a great deal of money, other owners could never consider parting with them after the time and dedication that was spent restoring them to great condition. If you're unable to keep your car parked in your garage at home, it's important to find a storage facility that offers convenience, great amenities, security, and protection from the elements.

At Vines Storage, we pride ourselves on offering our clients everything they want for their storage needs. From indoor storage units for valuable belongings and personal items to outdoor spaces for recreational vehicles and everything in between, Vines Storage is a top choice for people across the Redlands area. If you're looking for a place to keep your classic car, consider the following:
  • Location: Because classic car owners want to access their car frequently, finding a convenient location is important. Located just off of Interstate 10 and with great hours, our facility is great for the person who wants to work on, clean up, or take his or her classic car for spin.
  • Protection: Perhaps the most important reason that classic car owners choose a storage unit is to keep the car protected from the weather and other outdoor elements. Our storage units are open and spacious, allowing you plenty of room to work on the car, while also keeping it in a climate controlled, protected environment. In your driveway, even under a tarp, the car could be exposed to changes in temperature and rodents. Inside, the car is kept from these damaging conditions.
  • Security: In addition to keeping your car protected from outdoor variables, it's also important to keep it safe from theft or vandalism. At Vines Storage, our facility is surrounded by an 8-foot wall and monitored all day and night by state-of-the-art cameras. Clients choose our facility knowing that when they can't keep an eye on their valued car, it's still safe.
For more information about storing your classic car at Vines Storage, call our office today.
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