Our vehicle storage facility in Redlands, CA is the best way to protect your assets

For anyone who has watched the famed Ferris Beuller's Day Off, the importance of secure vehicle storage takes on new meaning. In this fun flick, a father's beloved Ferrari becomes the object of a son's rage, taken on quite the joy ride, leaving any car-enthusiast wondering just how safe a commodity can be when kept at home - regardless of how pristine the garage is. When kept in a locked, monitored storage unit, a prized vehicle does not have to be a concern.

Obtaining vehicle storage in our facility in Redlands, CA has a number of notable benefits, such as:
  • Your garage is yours again! Most of us do not have an extra garage that we can dedicate to the safekeeping of a classic car. What happens most of the time is that necessary garage space that could be used for the cars you drive every day is allocated to the collector car. Moving your classic car to a secured storage unit assures its safety and frees up space in your garage for your most-used cars, your workbench, or other often-used items.

  • Your collector car is kept free of items you might otherwise pile on top of it. Even if your classic car is covered, it may become just another place to set unused items, a storage area of its own. When the garage becomes a cluttered mess, there is a higher risk that something may fall on top of the car, or against the side, rubbing or possibly scratching the paint or causing a dent. In this scenario, there are just too many variables to consider. Keeping your car away from clutter preserves its pristine beauty.
The units available at Vines Storage come in various sizes, with tall ceilings and easy accessibility. You have the option of storing your vehicle in one unit and other items cluttering your garage in another, ensuring that all items are safe from the elements, and burglars, and that your car is kept safe from your other belongings. In taking this approach, you can be sure that your vehicle will be ready for you when the time comes to hit the road.
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