How storage of an RV at Redlands facility is advantageous

Buying an RV can be an investment. Therefore, many families take their time assessing their needs before purchasing the vehicle. Frequency of use and storage of the vehicle are factors often considered before making the investment. The team at Vines Storage, a Redlands facility that provides various storage options, can explain how storing an RV away from home can be advantageous.

Evaluating your storage options

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can you store the RV along the street?
  • Can you park the RV in your driveway?
  • Do you have an RV garage?
Some communities will not allow you to park the RV along the street or in the driveway. Very few people have garages large enough for their RVs. Rest assured, Vines Storage can help. We not only have adequate space, but we can ensure your RV is stored safely and securely at our facility. We provide indoor as well as outdoor storage, but highly recommend the indoor option.

Providing peace of mind

We utilize a 56-camera video surveillance system and have a warehouse that is fully equipped with alarms. Our staff monitors a gate seven days a week from morning until evening. Gate access is only granted with a code, allowing you to pick up your RV any time.

In addition to providing the utmost security, we can help protect your RV from the weather when storing it indoors. You do not have to be concerned about sun, rain, or wind damage. The tires will remain in excellent condition so you can drive off whenever it is most convenient for you. Unlike parking an RV in the neighborhood, you do not have to worry about vandalism or critters making a home in the vehicle.

Providing convenience

Another added benefit of our storage facility is the convenience we provide, from battery chargers and commercial air compressors to waste dump facilities and ice. We strive to make it as convenient as possible for you and your family before hitting the road.

Our customers typically only use their RVs a few times a year. Let us take care of your vehicle while you focus on the details of your next vacation. When the time comes to pick up your vehicle, it will be ready for the next road trip. We also provide indoor and outdoor storage for boats and other vehicles. To learn more about all of your storage options, call Vines Storage today at 909-389-6209.
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