Vines Storage offers amenities for RV owners in Redlands that make life easier

When considering the aspects of RV storage, amenities may not be an initial concern for most people. Most often, the primary focus of RV storage is to find a secure location away from home where your vehicle can remain when not in use. Vines Storage was founded with greater things in mind. We believe that storage solutions vary from one type of vehicle to another, as well as from one RV owner to another. In our large facility, RV owners have the option of choosing indoor or outdoor storage for their recreational vehicles. We also include extras that make life easier for our customers.

Vines Storage amenities for RV owners in Redlands are designed to improve convenience. We offer services that make cleaning and maintaining vehicles as easy as possible. Our facility is the only indoor drive-in facility in Southern California, granting our customers greater control over their storage solution. With indoor storage, vehicles are protected from UV rays and other elements that can wear down fabric and paint.

RV owners can also bring their vehicle right to their storage area following a long trip. By utilizing our waste dump station and cleaning area, it is possible to clean your vehicle completely, add air to tires, and use filtered and purified water as needed before securing the vehicle into its storage area.

We have not forgotten to include amenities that get you on your way quickly, either. Our facility has an on-site icemaker so you can fill your cooler and RV freezer before you get on the road.

Storage solutions for recreational vehicles may be sought primarily to clear space at home. Vines Storage, however, believes in adding as much value to leasing contracts as possible. Our secured property is just the beginning of the valuable advantages we offer our customers. Being mindful of the various aspects of RV ownership, we have included the most vital amenities our customers could want.

If an RV, boat, or personal items are taking up much-needed space at home, we invite you to come by Vines Storage to tour our facility. We are confident that our flexible storage options and amenities can fit in with your needs. Contact us at (909)389-6209 for more information on our storage solutions.
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