Is your RV protected from UV? Explore the benefits of indoor storage in Redlands CA

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Vines Storage protects your RV from UV and other threats with indoor units and a well-kept campus in Redlands CA.
The Inland Empire may not get the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Our neighbors to the north and east get that honor. But your recreational vehicle is still vulnerable to the elements, not to mention insects, critters, and human threats – vandals and thieves.

While it’s generally recommended that your vehicle be stored under a covered area, Vines Storage goes beyond the bare minimum to truly protect your home away from home. Since you’re looking for a place to put your investment on wheels, you may be aware of some of the many benefits of RV storage in Redlands CA, the quality of the storage facility matters.

Considering that even the smallest, new Class B motorhome can set you back at least $40,000, you don’t want to store your RV just anywhere. Vines Storage combines a mixture of protection from the “great outdoors” and valuable services for all recreational enthusiasts who choose us. We offer indoor units, as well as a clean and well-maintained outdoor campus that helps to keep the insects and other creatures at bay. We have multiple layers of security, including:
  • An onsite security professional (actually lives on the property)
  • Access control, so only those who rent from us are permitted through the gates
  • An eight-foot cinderblock wall to deter theft and vandalism
  • An alarm and video surveillance system spanning 56 cameras to see everywhere 24/7
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Because our facility was originally a large industrial space, it can accommodate even the biggest Class A motorhomes. Since our campus is so expansive, you and your family can conveniently and efficiently get in and out. In fact, we are the area’s only self-park storage facility for the utmost in a hassle-free experience. Also, RVs aren’t crammed together in an effort by the facility owners to maximize the number of renters at a site; such a situation increases the odds of accidents or damage to vehicles. You have plenty of room to clean and otherwise maintain your wheels, so they look and run as well as the day you bought them. Vines Storage makes it even easier to keep your RV “like new” with onsite amenities such as affordable washing and detailing services and wash bay, air, water, ice, and a dump station.

The not-so-obvious environmental risks

big storage boxes As it relates to local weather, one of the biggest threats to your RV comes from UV (ultraviolet light). The Los Angeles area gets sunshine 80 percent of the year. Sunlight can degrade motorhomes, campers, and trailers. While UV-related paint fading may come to mind immediately, sun coming in through your windows can also cause the inside of your vehicle to look dull. Upholstery and fabrics like sofa cushions may be damaged over time. Tinted windows, and blackout curtains and shades provide UV protection and also insulation – some much-needed cooling on a sweltering summer day.

Costly tires may be damaged by UV and other environmental factors, such as ozone. Cracking can be a sign that ozone has attacked the rubber, making it brittle and less pliable than it should be. This type of damage can’t be repaired or restored. UV is also harmful to rubber, fiberglass, and plastics.

Check for heavy buildups of mud, sand, or dirt that can be very abrasive on tires. Regular cleaning with soap and a soft brush also helps to get rid of significant amounts of ozone. Be sure to inspect your tires regularly and keep them covered or remove them completely so they stay out of the sun and extreme temperature changes during periods of non-use. Applying a preservative to all surfaces of each tire should be part of your routine maintenance. Of course, one of the best investments you can make in your RV is indoor storage. Any unit at Vines Storage is designed so that it’s easy to access your vehicle and keep up with the “little things” that add up to a long life for your RV.

We also offer both month-to-month and long-term leasing. Our options meet you and your family where you’re “at,” and are designed to suit the occasional or seasonal user and the hardcore road warrior alike. To find out more about our facility’s features, amenities, and flexible lease arrangements, contact Vines Storage consultants at 909-389-6209. Reserve your space today!

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