Parking your RV this winter? California residents find large units, convenience, and amenities at Vines Storage in Redlands

As the summer comes to a close and kids go back to school, you may be thinking about hanging up the keys to your RV for a few months. Even though the winters in Redlands, California are mild compared to the rest of the country, our daily and weekly schedules can becomes so busy that we simply don’t have time for sightseeing and memory making. If you’re parking your RV for several months, you may want to consider finding a storage unit where it can be safely and properly stored and protected.

At Vines Storage, our clients find plenty of storage options and amenities. We have indoor storage units available with high ceilings for the largest of recreational vehicles. We also have outdoor spaces available. Our facility is designed with the client in mind, we have an on-site icemaker that puts out 2,000 pounds of ice every day, a heavy-duty air compressor, purified water, and several places to dump waste. Because it’s important to know that your recreational vehicle is safe, we also offer top of the line security including 56 surveillance cameras, a key code entry system and a fully-staffed facility.

One of the most popular features of Vines Storage is our flexible leasing options. Some of our clients need year-round storage because their neighborhoods do not allow in driveway parking. However, others only need to park their vehicle for a month or two between trips or when it won’t be used as frequently. Whatever your situation, know that our sales professionals will work with you to find the right storage space and the right leasing plan to suit your needs and your budget.

When you got your RV, you dreamed of the open road, discovering new places, and creating memories with your family. Make sure that dream is a reality by storing your vehicle in a place that is safe, protected, and convenient. For more information on storing your recreational vehicle or to secure your storage space or unit, call Vines Storage today.
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