The Importance of Indoor RV Storage During the Winter Months and What You Can Do To Prevent Damage

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Safe Indoor RV Storage in Redlands CA Area
Recreational vehicles commonly referred to as RVs, are great for families who want to get out and see the country. Traveling to a remote national park or taking it for an extended road trip instead of flying somewhere is popular among RV lovers. Most of this travel happens during warmer months from spring until fall, so what do you do with your RV during the winter months when you are not out traveling? If you are new to RV care, you may not realize the damage that can occur to your vehicle when left outside during the winter. Finding a storage facility such as Vines Storage in Redlands, California, to store your RV during the coldest months of the year will keep your RV safe from damage caused by the external elements of winter.

Pipe Damage

One of the primary risks you run when keeping your RV outside during winter is a cracked or burst pipe(s). When any water is left in your RV's pipes and is exposed to freezing temperatures, especially for a prolonged period, the water expands and stresses the pipes throughout the vehicle. When freezing temperatures are severe, this water turns to ice and can cause burst pipes and ruin the water system within your RV. This damage will put quite the strain on your pocketbook to fix. Storing your RV in storage completely removes this risk. However, if you need to keep your RV outside for any period when temperatures hit below freezing, make sure all pipes have been flushed and run antifreeze through the pipes to make sure they can withstand exposure to these temperatures.

Window Damage

Should you decide to keep your RV outside during the winter months, your windows will be at risk as the vehicle undergoes freezes and thaws. When these temperature changes happen, it puts the windows and their frames through quite a bit of stress. Windows are not always firmly in place due to needing to be opened and closed. This bit of extra space puts them at risk when winter comes around. RV owners, even those who have winterized their vehicle, can often return to their RV to find windows that have cracked or popped loose. When this happens, your RV becomes exposed to the outside elements, including snow, rain, ice, and other debris. Storing your RV inside at a storage facility provides a safe space where these worries are non-existent. If you find yourself needing to keep your RV outside, you can cover your windows with items such as blankets protective plastic to help insulate against this issue.
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Exposure to Pests

During the winter months, both animals and bugs will do everything in their power to survive. That includes seeking shelter in the warm confines of your RV. If you must leave your RV outside, make sure it is completely covered with no gaps underneath. Placing filters and covers over vents and windows are also critical. Otherwise, pests can get into your RV and wreak havoc. They can cause damage to the walls, floors, furniture, and inner workings. If possible, find an indoor storage facility to store your RV, which will keep these pests away from your vehicle.

Protect Your Tires

Did you know that one of the most vulnerable parts of your RV are the tires? They are sensitive to changes in temperature. When continuously exposed to freezes and then thaws, the tires' rubber can dry out and begin to crack. That compromises the tire's integrity, leading to serious issues like air leaks and flats. RV tires are not cheap to replace, so this can be a costly issue. If you must store your RV outside, use proper tire covers to help insulate them from these temperature changes. Otherwise, your best bet for protection is to seek out internal storage where the climate is kept at a temperature suited for your RV.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of vehicle storage in the Redlands, CA area, please give Vines Storage a call today at 909-389-6209. At Vines Storage, not only will your car be protected from the external elements, but it will be stored in a facility covered by a state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm system that will keep your vehicle secure!

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