Get your RV organized and ready to roll - advice from month to month Colton Avenue Storage facility

Whether you refer to it as an RV, motor home, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, it is most sentimentally known as “your second home,” or “your home away from home.”

For RV owners who keep their RVs in secure indoor or outdoor storage at Vines Storage, along Colton Avenue in Redlands, the facility offers convenient amenities that make it easy to keep clean, tuned, and well-stocked for the road, including a commercial air compressor, filtered and purified water, battery charger, and sewage waste dump. We also offer other services such as RV detailing and washing for a nominal fee. In addition, all spaces are on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

With month to month RV storage at Vines Storage, you pay when you need the storage, not for an empty space. Moreover, when you are ready to hit the road, having a well-organized RV means you can spend more quality time enjoying new sights and experiences and less time de-cluttering or searching for household items.

Here is a quick checklist to aid in organizing your RV:
  • Toss non-essential household items. If you have not used it during the past season, you probably do not need it taking up space. Sort through utensils, dishware, and other orphaned gadgets and consider donating to a yard sale or thrift store.
  • Two-for-one purposes. Instead of keeping multiple versions of similar functioning cookware and utensils, double-up on specialty items. For example, a spatula can serve as a pancake flipper and casserole server. Use your cooler for a tabletop or extra workspace. Choose a single multi-size measuring cup over several smaller individual sized measuring cups.
  • Get vertical. Try to utilize every available inch of space. Tack hanging bins under cabinet shelving to store small items.
  • Divide and multiply. Under-sink storage and closets are often a single open space. Add wire shelving or cubby bins that are stackable to triplicate the storage capacity. This also allows you to securely store items for travel and keep out of sight.
  • Get a grip. To prevent items from shifting, sliding, and breaking during travel use nonslip liners for all shelves. Select plastic unbreakable dishware and secure cookware in lower drawers. Consider cabinet tie-downs to keep cabinet doors securely shut.
For more information about month to month RV storage, call Vines Storage at (909) 389-6209. Vines Storage is located at 1897 East Colton Avenue, Redlands.
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