Storage Facility Amenities that Benefit Recreational Vehicle Owners

When it comes to storing your recreational vehicle, you may not have thought about having amenities offered at the storage facility. If you are looking for a little extra value with your storage facility, consider Vines Storage in Redlands. RV storage facilities at Vines Storage includes all the extras to make it easier than ever to store, clean, and maintain your recreational vehicle while you're storing it safe and sound in our large warehouse storage facility. When shopping around for a storage facility to house and protect your RV, you may want to consider Vines Storage thanks to all the special amenities we offer for recreational vehicle owners.

At Vines Storage, we offer a variety of ways to store your RV. Whether you want indoor or outdoor storage, we can help keep your recreational vehicle in a secure, safe location when not in use. Additionally, one of our extra amenities that you can utilize includes our RV cleaning. Make sure your RV is looking great before you take it out for the season!

Included in your storage lease are a number of special amenities that benefit RV owners. We offer compressed air, a waste dump station conveniently located for your RV, and water, both purified and filtered. We also have an ice maker that can make plenty of ice for you to take on the road with you and fill up your coolers. All of these amenities are included in your leasing price.

Combined with the ease and convenience of ice, water, and a dump station, many of our customers enjoy the true value that they get from leasing a storage unit at Vines Storage. In addition, if you are interested in renting additional space for other personal property items, we sell essentials such as moving boxes and tape to assist our customer in their storage and moving needs. We have thought of everything to ensure our customers are prepared and ready for what lies ahead in their self-storage adventures!

If you're ready for a great experience with your RV storage facility, call Vines Storage today to learn more about our facilities and our flexible storage unit leasing options. We do everything we can to make self-storage of your personal property easy, convenient, and special! Call Vines Storage today to lease a storage unit at our Redlands facility!
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