What Redlands, CA, RV owners need to know about storage leasing packages

Many individuals who are considering an RV purchase quickly realize that they must also find a place to store the vehicle when they are not traveling. Many homes simply do not have enough space for driveway parking, and neighborhood ordinances often prohibit street or driveway parking. This leads RV owners to compare storage facilities and their leasing packages.
  • Vines Storage, located in Redlands, CA, offers great amenities and services for their RV, boat, car, and personal storage clients. Here they provide helpful tips that individuals should consider when touring storage facilities:
  • Convenience – Your time is important. The storage facility you choose should be located in a place that is easy to reach. You will also want to be able to access your RV for maintenance or to pack important items before a trip. In addition to the physical location, ask for the facility’s days and hours to be sure their schedule fits yours.
  • Security – Knowing that your vehicle is safe provides great peace of mind. Find out how the facility is secured and ask questions about who has access. Ideally, the entire facility will be monitored by trained staff and will have 24/7 camera surveillance in order to protect your assets from theft or damage. Additionally, consider that indoor storage facilities provide an extra level of security while also protecting your RV from environmental elements such as hail, dust, and rodents.
  • Amenities – In addition to keeping your RV safe and located conveniently, ask the facility if they offer any other amenities to their clients. Some storage locations provide useful benefits like an on-site ice machine and dumping station.
  • Flexibility and pricing – The cost to lease a storage unit can vary greatly depending on the size of the unit and the length of time that you will need it. For individuals who only need to store their RV for several months, it is important to ask about short-term leases.
Vines Storage has been creating customized leasing packages for their clients for many years. The location is conveniently located, secured behind an eight-foot wall and keyed gate with cameras that monitor the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about the RV, boat, car, or self-storage leasing packages our facility features, call Vines Storage today at 909-389-6209.
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