RV owners find the ideal storage conditions at a Redlands facility

When you purchased your RV, you may have envisioned wonderful family vacations in the beautiful mountains or trips to southern California's pristine beaches. Your RV can provide all the amenities you need so you can avoid costly hotel bills and valet parking fees. However, you may have faced a dilemma – not having enough space in the driveway for the vehicle. Some communities will not allow you to park the RV in the driveway or along the street. Rest assured Vines Storage in Redlands provides indoor as well as outdoor storage for your RV. You can count on ideal conditions for your vehicle, providing peace of mind until your next family vacation. We offer a variety of services at our facility including:
  • Security – We understand if you cannot have the RV parked in your driveway or garage, you want to know it is safe. Our warehouse is fully equipped with alarms and we utilize a 56-camera video surveillance system. We recognize that RVs are more susceptible to vandalism and theft when parked in neighborhoods. Our customers always appreciate indoor storage for their investments.
  • Reliability – We are open every day of the week, providing access to your RV when you need it the most. We know family vacations can be planned or spontaneous. Either way, we can help you ensure your vehicle will be ready for the trip.
  • Convenience – We offer several amenities to RV owners including an on-site icemaker, commercial air compressor, battery charger, and sewage waste dump sites. Having all of these conveniences available can ensure your vacation starts as smoothly as possible.
  • Protection – Storing your RV indoors protects it from the elements. Regardless of the season, you do not have to worry about sun, wind, or rain damage. You RV will remain in tiptop condition from the time your park it to the moment you drive away from our facility.
Are you looking for an RV storage facility that can provide peace of mind throughout the year? Look no further. We proudly serve customers in the Redlands area and beyond. Call 909-389-6209 today.
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