RV storage options in Redlands, CA: indoor vs. outdoor at Vines Storage

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RV Storage Options at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
Many decisions need to be made when purchasing and maintaining an RV. RV owners need to think about the type of RV they desire, the amenities they want in one, and where to take it for vacation. However, many don’t think about the storage required for a recreational vehicle. Many communities’ laws and ordinances do not allow for these vehicles to be stored in a driveway or street, which means storage facilities are in high demand during the off-season.

At Vines Storage, we offer customers a variety of storage options for their RV in the area of Redlands, CA. One of the biggest debates is the storage of a recreational vehicle indoors or outdoors.
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There are several factors and instances a customer needs to think about when considering storing a motorhome indoor or outdoor:
  • Cost of storing versus damage – while indoor RV storage is often more pricey than outdoor storage, it is important for motorhome owners to understand the reasons why one may opt to keep their RV in indoor storage. Customers need to think about the damage that can occur to an RV when it is left outdoors, including the weather. Rain, humidity, and hail can impact an RV if stored without coverage and can cause newer RVs to age considerably faster than those stored indoors. Customers need to think about the cost of damage that can occur to the RV versus the increased cost of storing them outdoors.
  • Space choices – it is essential that customers think about the space they need for their RV. Some motorhomes are considerably smaller than others, while the larger ones will require more space. The amount of space the RV needs will impact the cost of storage. Before purchasing an RV, please take into consideration how you will store it during the offseason and factor this into the value of the motorhome.
  • Home sweet home – most customers want to keep their RV at home and store it in their driveway. However, many neighborhoods will not allow for large motorhomes to be kept on the property. Outdoor storage for an RV at Vines Storage is affordable and comparable to keeping the RV at home. Otherwise, customers may instead need to add a parking pad to their lot to safely—and legally-store their motorhome on site.
  • Security – Vines Storage is equipped with multiple cameras throughout the facility to ensure that recreational vehicles stored indoors, and outdoors are safe and secure. Regardless, customers are advised to keep valuables out of their motorhomes and save those at home. Customers who choose to store their RV outdoors on their property may be more susceptible to break-ins than those stored in a locked storage facility such as Vines Storage.

Which type of storage is right for me?

For some customers, protection of their investment is a top priority, and indoor RV storage is sought. However, others want a more economical solution to storing their motorhome that isn’t at their place of residence. The team at Vines Storage can evaluate a customer’s storage needs and make recommendations based on their unique situation. Most outdoor storage areas are more affordable than indoor storage areas, but they are not as protected from the elements as those stored inside our climate-controlled facility. Speaking to one of our staff about the benefits of indoor versus outdoor storage is the first step in making an educated decision.

Why choose Vines Storage?

Why choose Vines Storage at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area There are many reasons why Redlands, CA area RV owners choose Vines Storage. The facility is easily accessible, monitored with 24-hour surveillance, and provides a wide range of storage options, both indoor and outdoor. Our team will help you choose the best storage unit for your needs and offer flexible leasing terms that suit your budget. With additional amenities, such as air, wash bay, water, ice, and dump stations, Vines Storage is one of the most convenient options for RV owners in the community.

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If you live in the community of Redlands, CA and are interested in learning more about indoor and outdoor storage for your recreational vehicle, we encourage you to book a tour with one of our members by calling 909-389-6209. We offer flexible leasing options and a variety of choices to ensure your valuables are safe and secure.

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