RV storage packages at Redlands CA facility meets unique needs

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RV storage packages at Vines Storage
Vines Storage partners with you to keep your wheels on the road and running smoothly for years to come. The team offers RV Storage Packages at Redlands CA that suit every budget, every sized RV, and every lifestyle. From longer-term arrangements to month-to-month rentals, all options are safe, secure, and convenient.

Utmost protection

The RV Safety & Education Foundation reports tire failures, fires, animal infestations, theft, and vandalism are among the most common insurance claims. When Vines Storage converted a huge warehouse into the space it is today, every feature was built with the RV owner in mind.

Unlike other storage facilities in Southern California, Vines Storage has the space to offer an indoor option. Since the elements wear down many parts of the RV not limited to tires, indoor space protects your precious investment from environmental threats that degrade your vehicle. Your vehicle is protected from critters that may enter through the smallest crevices and cause costly damage.

Vines Storage’s many layers of security include an 8-foot wall, dozens of surveillance cameras, an alarm system, and a vigilant staff that monitor traffic in and out of the facility. This security helps to mitigate threats such as theft, vandalism, and arson. Should unintentional fire and other accidents occur, technology and the human element are on your side to quickly address the situation and minimize potential damage.

Services beyond the basic

Vines Storage is designed for secure and safe options, and a pleasant experience. The former warehouse is so big that the team can provide more storage than any other facility in the region. Spacious areas allow for easier access, and help minimize damage due to maneuvering in crowded spaces.

Vines Storage offers unparalleled value-added services, from complimentary ice to dumpsites. Call 909-389-6209 so we can design a package for you.

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