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For residents of the Redlands area, surrounded by gorgeous mountain resorts and miles and miles of California coastline, an RV is more than a vacation accessory, it's more like a necessity. Laws pertaining to RV storage, however, may keep many in our area from keeping their RVs in their own driveway or in front of their home. There are better options than home storage, anyway.

Home storage of an RV may seem convenient and affordable. This "easy" solution, however, has its own disadvantages that should be considered even if you do live in an area where storage is allowed. RVs kept in front of a home are not necessarily in the most secure location. At night or when the family is away from the house, the RV is in a vulnerable state, at risk for damage or vandalism, potentially even theft, if not of the vehicle itself at least some of its components.

Storing an RV at home may also cause discord with neighbors who find the vehicle obtrusive. Such large vehicles can make guest and resident parking a challenge, not only for your neighbors but for your own guests and family. Rather than leave your RV out in the open and create potential inconvenience, it pays to consider the advantageous terms and conditions of RV storage at Vines Storage in Redlands.

Vines Storage was developed on an existing warehouse property with ample space for indoor and outdoor storage options. Many RV owners love the ability to procure indoor storage for their vehicle. Kept indoors in a spacious warehouse, a motor home, travel trailer, or other RV is shielded from the elements and from small critters that may crawl into small spaces on cold nights or very hot days. Indoor storage is kinder to tires, paint, awnings, and even the interior of an RV.

In addition to providing direct choices for storage, our facility also offers convenient amenities that top off outstanding terms and conditions for month-to-month or long term storage of an RV.

Make the most of RV ownership with smart storage choices. Call Vines Storage at (909)389-6209.
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