RV vehicle storage is an ideal solution for many Redlands residents

Several aspects of owning an RV are beneficial. With all the fun and memories an RV of any kind can bring, there is also the matter of storage. In many neighborhoods throughout the Redlands, California area, RV owners are prohibited from parking recreational vehicles in driveways or on the city street.

The last thing you want is to be on the wrong side of the law or the regulations of your homeowner's association. This is just one reason to investigate RV vehicle storage as an ideal solution for your needs. Vines Storage in Redlands has served area residents with affordable lease packages for many years. This facility is one of the most secure to be found in Southern California.

Securing your boat, motor home, or other RV against theft, vandalism, tickets, or the elements is an important part of maintaining peace of mind. Unsecured public locations, even right outside of your house, leave your vehicle in a vulnerable state. Protection behind the high walls or locked doors of a reputable storage facility goes a long way.

Many people choose indoor storage for their recreational vehicle, even if it is a smaller craft like a Sea-Doo. Outdoor storage, while secure, cannot fully eliminate risks associated with environmental factors. In an indoor storage unit, you do not have to worry that the daily pounding from the Southern California sun will cause chips in paint or cracks in upholstery. The better your RV is protected from the elements, the better it will look in the future.

When you think of environmental elements, chances are you consider how hot pavement may affect the life of your tires, or how rain and wind will wear down exterior paint. An element that most people don't think of until they are forced to is the local wildlife that may "bed down" in an unprotected vehicle. Don't let this be you! Rodents and other creatures look for a warm place to spend the winter.

Your boat, other watercraft, motorcycles, or motor home is an investment that you want to protect. Vines Storage has multiple areas and units from which to choose. Call today for pricing information.
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