Bring us your items, we will secure them! 3-plus surprising benefits of self storage in Redlands, CA

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Benefits of Self Storage at Vines Storage in Redlands CA Area
There are some tasks and functions that should never be weekend “Do-It-Yourself” projects, that is, unless you are a highly-skilled tradesperson; for instance, roof, electrical, and plumbing repairs should almost always be left to the pros (for seemingly obvious reasons!). But, when it comes to quality storage, you can do it yourself, though the term “self-storage” is a bit of a misnomer. Perhaps, a better term is “self-service storage,” as you bring your overflow or seasonal goods to us, and we safely store them at our facility. The Benefits of Self Storage in Redlands, CA may seem obvious. After all, you no longer have lesser used yet still wanted items taking up space in your basement, garage, or guest room. But self-storage is also more than meets the eye, especially when you partner with the quality professionals at Vines Storage.

  • You have a better “handle” on your valuables and belongings – When you have items strewn across several places in your home, it’s hard to know exactly what you have, so think of self-storage as a way to “inventory” what you own. Take back control. Identify those items that you forgot you had, and you may be able to get them back in the rotation again (if they are utilitarian items). If they are items that just “make you feel good” or have some sentimental value, that is even more meaningful. You can get some enjoyment out of them again.
  • Your property is well-protected – Even if you live in a watchful neighborhood or have a sophisticated video and alarm system, you would be hard-pressed to partner with a more secure facility than Vines Storage. We have many deterrents to thieves and vandals, from an eight-foot cinderblock wall that surrounds our property, to a 56-camera video surveillance system and alarm technology. Our access control is also complemented by onsite professionals who monitor those coming in to and out of the facility at the entrance and exit.
  • Boost your wellbeing – When our valuables and belongings are not organized, this situation can be a significant source of stress. In fact, “things” can overwhelm our day-to-day lives and make us feel out of control. In this environment with so many people working from home, it has never been more important to be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Poorly organized or cluttered spaces can take away from our ability to concentrate, and our productivity. With more storage per cubic foot than any facility in the region, Vines Storage makes it easy for you to clearly see the boxes, containers, and items that you store at our site, with the added benefit of opening up more space for you to think and breathe at your home/office.
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Our facility also offers many moving and packing supplies on site. Call Vines Storage at 909-389-6209 to reserve a self-storage unit at the Redlands, CA site.

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