Mastering business storage solutions in the Highland area is easy with these tips

For your business to run smoothly, your workspaces need to encourage productivity. Excess products, samples, papers, and other supplies piled up in any usable office space require constant attention if organization is to be maintained. The extra time it takes to keep non-essential items on site pulls either the business owner or a valuable employee away from other necessary tasks. Rather than diminish your productivity, consider a business storage unit in the Highlands area.

At Vines Storage in Redlands, business owners can take advantage of self-storage solutions to meet both their short-term and their long-term needs. Some of the instances in which off-site storage may be used short term include:
  • Relocation of a business
  • Downsizing, redecorating, or remodeling office spaces
  • Organized storage of excess inventory
  • Seasonal storage such as holiday decorations or patio furniture
Self-storage solutions can increase your office space. Maximizing the advantages of your investment is easy with these tips:

Pack with purpose

Placing items into the appropriate self-storage unit will keep belongings protected from environmental factors while freeing up much needed office space. While in storage, properly packed items are not only protected but also more easily accessible.
  • Packing paperwork into boxes that are close to identical in size makes them easier to stack.
  • Turning furniture on its side maximizes space.
  • Electronics such as computers should be protected within their boxes with padding or Styrofoam “popcorn.”
Efficient record keeping

If you’re not efficient in the way that you approach your storage solutions, items may be tossed into a storage unit and forgotten. Lack of record keeping of stored items can cost more in the end. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep a list of items in storage, and update this list continually.

Listing items for inventory should begin before ever committing to a space. Beginning with a list, you can better determine the size of unit needed. Your storage manager can also help you choose the most suitable space for your needs.

The list of stored inventory can be kept in a computer database. This is especially helpful if multiple people have access to stored items. As items are added or removed from storage, actions can be noted on the inventory list.

Vines Storage has been serving the needs of area residents and business owners for years. Our climate controlled storage units are ideal for records and other items. Contact us today for assistance with your business storage needs.
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