Keeping your California business running smoothly by cataloging items in storage

Businesses run more smoothly when there are processes in place to help them stay organized. The better organized and less cluttered an office space is the more productive and comfortable everyone can be. Whatever your specific California business needs may be, Vines Storage offers climate-controlled units and high-tech security features that allow you to feel comfortable with the safety of your business related items.

Choosing our facility and the specific unit that is most appropriate for your needs is only the first step in maximizing your storage capabilities. This area is an integral part of your business and the items contained therein should be organized as though they were being kept in an on-site storeroom. An easy way to maintain organization of stored items is to create a catalog of the contents by following a few simple steps:

The use of containers is important to proper storage. Some companies use cardboard boxes, while others invest in heavy-duty plastic containers. Whichever you choose, opt for sizes that can be filled to capacity but still easy to load and unload. Also, pack boxes according to their contents and need for accessibility. The last thing a business owner needs to be doing is searching through boxes to locate a necessary piece of information or equipment. Once packed, all boxes should be labeled with a number. Labeling should be placed on every side of the box, as well as the top and the bottom, allowing easy recognition.

As boxes are packed and numbered, a spreadsheet can be made. On this spreadsheet should be the number of each box along with a list or description of its contents. For easy reading, each item should be placed on its own line in the spreadsheet. If descriptions are used rather than a list of contents, be as precise as possible in noting what is in a box. A description of "paper reams" or "writing utensils" would be better than "office supplies.”

Some items placed into storage are more valuable than others are. If office equipment or furniture is placed into storage, create a line in the spreadsheet where the item's price can be added, as well as the year purchased. Knowing the value of the assets within storage is beneficial for insurance purposes, so should not be overlooked.

If items are added or removed from storage, the spreadsheet should be updated accordingly. These extra steps go a long way in keeping your business running smoothly.

For more information about our high-security, climate-controlled units, contact us today.
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