In California, jump into the record collecting trend with proper storage in mind

What goes around comes around could have multiple meanings. In terms of trends, we consistently see what was old become new again. Today, the beauty of record collecting has re-emerged onto the scene, with everyone from teenagers to seniors reliving the telltale sound that only comes from needle on vinyl. For many, this resurgence in popularity allows them to take an old record collection out of the attic, where it has sat for years. To the sad surprise of some folks, their method of storage fell short and records failed to keep their form or function. If you live in California and want to keep your record collection in tip-top shape between this craze and the next, proper storage is a must.
  • Use protection. Every vinyl record should live in its own protective sleeve and cardboard jacket. Don't double up; even if that means you have to DIY a record jacket for a beloved album.
  • Avoid the sun. Just as harmful UV rays can damage our skin, the heat from these rays can damage your favorite vinyl, giving a whole new meaning to "Melt with you.” Heat is the enemy of vinyl records. Choosing a safe, climate controlled storage unit not only reduces the amount of dust that can get to records, it ensures that records will hold their shape, provided they are positioned properly.
  • Positioning records properly is an important aspect of storing vinyl of any size. Laying one record on top of another, and another on top of that, and so on leads to cramped living quarters. Sammy and Frank may have been good friends, but they need their space. Allowing this type of pressure on vinyl records can result in damage to grooves, ultimately altering the sound.
  • Even when placing records vertically, leave just enough space so that they are not pressed against one another so tightly that one would be difficult to pull out. Conversely, records should not lean in storage either. Straight up and down, no cramming.
  • Choose optimal boxes for sets of records. Cardboard boxes are great for clothes and other items, but a classic record collection is best kept in an appropriately sized plastic container. Plastic crates with locking lids are ideal. Not only are these boxes durable, but they come in all sizes and are very affordable.
  • Never throw out a record! Any vinyl, from Sinatra to Abba to Prince, provides great listening when kept in good condition.
Don't trust your records to the rafters in your garage. Contact us for their safekeeping.
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