Maximizing your California home's small space with storage ideas

Many people are choosing to downsize, opting for smaller spaces that might not easily hold all of the pieces of furniture and decorative items from a larger, more expensive home. Some are finding it challenging to locate enough space to hold clothing, going from a large, walk-in closet to a standard sized space. In California or anywhere else, moving into a small home does not have to cramp your style, nor does it need to cause a great deal of stress. You can maximize the space you have by utilizing a storage unit, but first you need to decide what stays, what goes, and what size unit you will need.

The determination of the most appropriate storage unit begins with an inventory of the items you need to move out of your home. When going through furniture, clothing, and other items, you may decide to sell some of these belongings that you no longer need. In preparing for storage, group items together so that they can be easily found, and then place heavier boxes on the bottom of lighter boxes. When putting items aside for storage, be sure not to add any perishable, flammable, or combustible items.

Stack boxes at home the same way they will be placed into a storage unit. This way you can easily measure the amount of space you will need within your storage unit. You don't want to pay for a larger unit that is half-empty, nor do you want all of your boxes stacked so tightly that you cannot conveniently reach an item when needed. Some people like to leave walking room between smaller stacks of boxes to which they will need regular access, such as holiday items or seasonal wear.

Making the most of your storage unit is simple, but it takes a bit of planning. Before choosing your space, you can draw it out on paper, noting where stacks of boxes will go. Getting this sneak peak lets you visualize the ease in which certain items can be accessed, and can guide you in the proper placement of boxes. Those items that rarely need to be accessed can be stored at the back of a unit, while those that you might need throughout the year are kept in front.

If furniture is to be stored within the unit, the space can be maximized by removing all legs and wrapping them in bubble wrap. Furniture pieces are best kept under furniture covers to protect from dust buildup, and can be stacked on end in our high-ceiling units.

Small spaces do not have to be cramped, but it might be necessary to move some items out of the home. To learn more about our units, contact Vines Storage today.
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